Refrigerator Service

Refrigerator, a foremost required electronic appliance among the customers for storage and preservative purpose. Consequently, it needs maintenance often in domestic cleaning. Apart from that, a service gives the completeness to get a lifetime warranty. The service includes circuit board repair, condenser checking, water inlet valve cleaning, noise reduction, motor repair, coils clean, over freeze checking, cooling setting, water leakage checking and more. Refrigerator service is often needed to avoid the food preservative odor inside the fridge.

Whirlpools Single Door, Double Door Refrigerator Models of 165, 195, 245, 330 Litres to 345 Litres

  • Refrigerator/Fridges Service Works
  • Refrigerator/Fridges Repairing Works
  • Overhauling
  • Complete Maintenance

Rich Home Appliances is with you to save the refrigerator from repairs and problems for all type of fridges like single and double door refrigerator; top freezer and bottom freezer models. By giving both inspection service (if need) and repair service at reasonable expense, we satisfy the customers. Our professional workers do the best service by clearing the malfunction of the appliances.

  • Qualified Technician
  • Guaranteed, Trusted & Committed Service
  • Quality Spares, Parts, Accessories
  • Service at Your Door-Step 
  • Servicing Company Closed-out Models
  • Affordable Service Cost(Not like Company’s Service)