TV Repair & Service

Our absolutely trained Repair specialists will fix most kinds of TVs – whether or not it’s an LED, LCD or Plasma.

It doesn’t matter wherever you bought your tv, our consultants will fix the matter at our progressive Team Knowhow Repair & Service Centre.

When you phone to book a TV Repair, we’ll organize an acceptable time for a Team Knowhow Repair knowledgeable to go to your home to gather your TV. once your TV arrives at our Team Knowhow Repair & Service Centre we allow you to recognize if there are to any extent further prices for components as before long as doable. If you would like to continue with the repair, we have a tendency to take payment over the phone, or if you’d like to not proceed we’ll deliver your tv straight back to you.

If you plow ahead with the repair and that we cannot fix your TV, we’ll refund all of your prices fully. once the repair is completed, your tv are totally tested, boxed up and delivered back to your home at a convenient time for you.

We offer a twelve month repair guarantee for the fault we have a tendency to repaired on your tv.

Common TV problems we repair

  • Screen problems
  • Missing pixels
  • Won’t turn on
  • Sound problems
  • Tuning issues