Washing Machine Service

Washing Machine is an essential electronic appliance to most of the people for time consumption. It is one of the main appliances in usage that need a frequent service to maintain for more years. The service covers inlet & outlet check, filter cleaning, drum/ agitator cleaning to remove the musty using detergent descaler (powder), door seal changing (drive belt of the front load washing machine), timer repair, checking motor life and repair, dryer repair, circuit board repair and more. Based on the parts condition, the machine can be repaired to extend the life.

  • Service/Repair Works
  • Accesories & Spares
  • Overhauling
  • Complete Maintenance

Rich Home Appliances delivers the perfect service to both Top Load and Front Load Washing Machine for all topmost brands. Our skilled technicians give you the best service with the finest way of handling the parts and fulfill the customer’s requirement. And also provide the inspection service if not need of a repair service with an affordable cost.

  • Qualified Technician
  • Guaranteed, Trusted & Committed Service
  • Quality Spares, Parts, Accessories
  • Service at Your Door-Step
  • Servicing Company Closed-out Models
  • Affordable Service Cost(Not like Company’s Service)